Bookkeeping Basics for Small Business

The following 9 tips will help you set-up and manage your bookkeeping to help you stay compliant, understand your finances, and take control of your business. We know as small business owners you wear a myriad of hats to ensure your business runs smoothly and successfully—from sales and marketing, managing clients and employees, paying the […]

How to Prepare a Business Budget

Having an up to date budget is a must if you want to build a thriving, sustainable business. A budget is an important financial statement. It tells you how to direct your money to where it’s needed most. Use your Budget to: Make sound financial decisions and set business goals Identify where to cut expenses […]

Why organisations need to prepare a budget

4 reasons why an organisation needs to prepare a budget Do you think an organisation can function without a budget? An organisation that does not have a budget is certain to fail. A budget is an essential tool that every organisation needs to have if it is to survive and achieve its objectives. Budgeting forces […]

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