We are Generation-X Security Team

Hi Admin! I'm C4ptch4 of Generation-X Security Team

Greeting Admin! We are free. We declare our independence as a sovereign human being.
We do not consent to be governed. We commit no crime as we harm no other.
We do not subscribe to labels or dosmatic ideologies. We treat everybody as a brother or sister.
We are united as one. We are legion. We have disimilar blood. But our hearts beat as one.
One Voice - One Mission - Don't Be Surprised

We Are

Bl4ck J4ck -:- X-m3n -:- wh1t3ros3 -:- XD34D M4N -:- Xec -:- C4ptch4 -:- Arcanghel -:- L -:- W4rlock-Ph -:- Ph.Undefeated
x-m4x1m1l14n -:- X-Ki||mA|| -:- H0@X -:- 3rr0rHacker -:- X-TRIO -:- Yhanz -:- Ph.Sniffer


Anonymous Philippines :+: Anonymous Lucena :+: Pinoy LulzSec :+: Blood Security Hackers :+: Straw Hat Pirates Crew :+: Pure Hackers
zyberph :+: X-Protocol :+: AnonGhost :+: Philippine Hacking University :+: Zander Kulafu :+: Redhat Security International
Philippine Cyber Hacking :+: Eagle Cyber Army :+: Unknown Security Army :+: Philippine Security Hackers :+: To all Hackers and YOU