Applications for the NSW 2021 Covid-19 Business Grant have now opened. Use our Covid-19 Business Grant Checklist below to check your eligibility and prepare for your application. For more information and assistance with your application contact Pacific Accounting on 1800 1800 98

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Business Details:

Overall Eligible Criteria

Decline in Turnover

Turnover for a minimum 14-day consecutive period between 26/6/19 - 26/7/19

Turnover for a minimum 14-day consecutive period between 26/6/21 - 26/7/21

Decline in Tunover (%)

Tier and Evidence Criteria

Evidence required for:

Highly Impacted Tier 1 & 2

Highly Impacted Tier 3

Business outside Highly Impacted - All Tiers

If a minimum of $75K turnover for 2020FY can't be shown. Contact Service NSW for alternative testing if:

Alternative circumstances

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