September 2021

Back in our January Newsletter, we asked all of our financially savvy clients if they have a business budget. We spoke about the importance of a budget in planning for the future and building a thriving and sustainable business. Well this is more important now, then ever before. Why? Well you might be sick of hearing it, but the answer is Covid-19!

We are approaching the 2 year anniversary of when Covid-19 changed the world. Of course there has been a great personal toll for many, but Australian businesses have also been significantly affected. Lockdowns and restrictions have put a huge strain on businesses. Erratic trading and government support payments make it difficult to really understand your financials of the last 2 years, and we certainly don’t want to use those figures to plan for the future!

Cash flow might be tight, so it’s important to keep your finger on the pulse. The best way to combat all of these challenges is with a budget

Are you one of the business affected by covid-19? or simply
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